Educational Concepts at MSHE

The dual system of engineering training for industrial enterprises, which has been implemented in Germany and complements theoretical knowledge with practical training, lies at the heart of Moscow Higher School of Engineering’s educational process. Theoretical training at MHSE is provided by teachers from leading European technical universities and practicing specialists from European engineering firms. Practical training is supported by manufacturing work in European and Russian engineering firms, at industrial enterprises with engineering subdivisions, and through international study in Germany.

Dual System of Training

The dual system of specialized training is designed for long-term investments in highly-qualified engineering personnel. The uniqueness of the system lies in alternating between theoretical knowledge at an educational institution and its practical application in the workplace, as well as the direct hiring of students by employers that pay a salary during the entire period of study. The dual system of higher education is depicted below, and mirrors the system which has been implemented in Germany for training of engineering personnel.
German Model of Dual Higher Education