Advantages of Studies at MHSE

In developing educational programs, Moscow Higher School of Engineering takes into account the specific interests and needs of various target groups to increase professional competence.

Russian industrial enterprises planning to modernize or introduce innovations in their production process generally have a deficit of engineering and management personnel.

Russian engineering firms acting as general contractors, project integrators implementing foreign technologies in the Russian market, and newly established small- to medium-sized engineering firms all require foreign experience in project management, systematization of existing knowledge, and skilled specialists.

Russian construction firms specializing in industrial construction and expanding activities in the design and construction of complex industrial facilities will pay for the required competencies.

International industrial groups establishing production sites in Russia need local skilled employees ready to work in accordance with their corporate standards.

Foreign engineering companies actively promoting their presence in the Russian market also have a need for competent personnel who are ready to work on the companies’ foreign projects.

Graduates of Russian technical universities and young specialists having experience with production are interested in professional and career growth, access to international educational programs, and practical training with foreign companies.