Professional and Career Development

Moscow Higher School of Engineering offers special opportunities to graduates of Russian technical universities, young specialists with work experience, as well as engineering and technical workers interested in further professional and career growth. 

The educational programs are structured to allow for a combination of work and education, alternating periods of acquiring theoretical knowledge at MHSE and applying it in the workplace. Advanced training courses, international degree and master programs are developed based on this dual system of education.

As part of the practical module, MHSE also offers opportunities for practical training in Russian and foreign subdivisions of foreign industrial and engineering firms. 

Thus, Moscow Higher School of Engineering offers the following advantages with regard to professional and career growth:

opportunity to find an employer among Russian and foreign industrial and engineering firms interested in highly-qualified engineers and managers;
opportunity to participate in real projects by European and Russian engineering firms and industrial enterprises with engineering subdivisions;
opportunity to obtain an international diploma or master’s degree in various specialties (MEM, MBA, MISE);
ability to train within a modular system that allows focus only on the necessary competencies;
ability to acquire practical work skills within a specific industry (mining, oil and gas, chemical, mechanical engineering, food, pharmaceutical and other branches of industry).