For Russian Companies

Moscow Higher School of Engineering offers Russian companies an opportunity to send their employees to participate in corporate educational programs.

The advanced training program is designed for professional managers and engineers working on complex industrial projects. The program’s advantages for Russian industrial enterprises, Russian engineering firms, and construction firms specializing in industrial construction include the following: 

training support for highly-qualified personnel, including young specialists, tailored to the needs their own organizations;
education through a modular system, focusing only on required competencies;
ability to alternate between study and work, no long-term absence from work is required;
training in best practices for engineering and project management;
develop interaction with foreign partners (understanding of work specifications and use of professional language);
gain experience in developing projects within a specific engineering discipline or industrial enterprises (mining industry, oil and gas, chemical, mechanical engineering, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries);
access know-how utilized in projects;
form a complex view to solving problems and eliminate major problems in project work;  
form a systematic approach to building engineering and project management;
contribute to the company’s long-term competiveness advantage and sustainability by strengthening local Russian competencies through international experience.

In addition, as part of the practical module, Moscow Higher School of Engineering offers opportunities for Russian companies to send employees to foreign industrial and engineering firms for practical training within a Russian or foreign subdivision.

In the course of training and project work, specialists have the opportunity for unique experiences and knowledge exchange with foreign colleagues and experts.