About European Russian Center of Engineering Competences (EuRuCEC)

European Russian Center of Engineering Competences (EuRuCEC) is established on the basis of the Moscow high school of engineering (MHSE).

Education programs and seminars of MHSE showed that our students face a number of problems in their daily work beyond the learning process. Among them are: what is the status of the project now? How effective is the project management? Whether motivation system improves productivity? What is the right way to choose equipment, technology, contractors, contract models, etc.

In such cases, the decision should be worked out on the basis of a thorough analysis of the current situation using an integrated approach.

The degree of complexity and the amount of investments suppose attracting consultants with various competencies and experience in both Russian and international projects.

Together with our partners from Europe and Russia we have built an international team – European Russian Center of Engineering Competences.

Our main goal is to deliver a wide range of

  • representative,
    • consulting,
    • engineering,
    • services while investment construction projects execution.

      Our mission – is the practical use and popularization of the system engineering approach as an instrument of both finding the best solution at minimum costs and increasing effectiveness of investment projects during their full life circle.