EuRuCEC with the partners offers following consulting types

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Project management consulting

Principles of project management start to be one of the key ones to meet strategic and operative goals for most of companies with time and resource limitations.

Not all companies are successful with creation of own unified principles of project management. One of the reason of it is wrong chosen methods. It follows to unjustified spending of finance and human resources, frustration in project management system

Consulting Pr Managament

Participation of our experts in Project consulting allows you to avoid not needed expenses and disappointments!

Our service:

Corporate standards development for project management:
  • inspection of business processes of project management inside of the company;
  • development of process schemes for project management;
  • development of normative and controlling documents;
  • development of blanks of project documents;
  • development of manuals;
  • implementation of full sets of regulations of business processes;
  • founding of project management office;
  • methodological support of participants of Project management;
  • development of strategy of forming and optimizing project portfolio.

Implementation of project management info system:

  • supply of software and hardware;
  • installation of software;
  • software fining according project management system of the company;
  • creation of projects blanks for Microsoft Project;
  • creation analytical reports system;
  • integration of info system of project management with other company’s info systems.

Audit of project management system:

  • audit of project management processes;
  • audit of project documents;
  • audit of project management info system;
  • definition of effectiveness of corporate system of project management;
  • development of recommendations to optimize of project management system;
  • implementation of recommended steps to optimize the system.

Creation of project workflow info system:

  • tuning of working place (web site) of the project;
  • tuning of access rights;
  • creation and tuning the folder structure of the project;
  • development of processes of coordination and approving of project documents.

Management consulting.

Business units strategy in the company

Success of the company now– is not only increasing of operative effectiveness of the firm, but it is a perfection of the works from the point of view of strategic decisions.
It requires perfect processes of strategic planning, KPI system and institutes of management of the manufacturing risks.

Our service:

Strategic analysis and planning of strategy for certain manufacturing facilities:

  • analysis of the industry structure;
  • definition of KPIs on the market;
  • internal strategic analysis;
  • development of recommendations to optimize competitors strategy of the business;
  • development of recommendations to increase effectiveness of business.

Production risk management.

Experience of the leading international companies proves that stable development of the business and increasing of effectiveness of management are not possible without active usage of risk-management as a part of the management system of the company. It is not depends on size of business or specific production or service.
One of the way to improve operating activity is to decrease production risks.

Our service:

development of managing system of industrial risks;

  • development of systems for the detection of industrial risks;
  • formation of valuation techniques and techniques of probability of risks;
  • development of recommendations to create the managing system of production risks;
  • development of regulations to manage risks of industrial enterprise.


Cost reduction, control of limits of usage of funds and achievement of optimal allocation of resources of the company are tools to increase profits and free cash flow of the enterprise and, as a consequence, its competitiveness.

Improving the competitiveness of the enterprise depends on the organization of effective budgeting process and optimization of the existing budgeting methodology.

Our service:

Optimization of the budgeting system in industrial enterprises:

  • survey of the existing system of budgeting;
  • development of recommendations on optimization of budgeting;
  • implementation of the selected system of budgeting (incremental budgeting, budgeting from scratch, moving budgeting, hard and flexible budgeting);
  • development of regulations for the enterprise budgeting.

Management accounting.

Effective management accounting system allows quickly make decisions related to the activities of the company.

Management Accounting shows the condition of the company, how to allocate the available resources to increase efficiency.

Our service
Development of management accounting system of industrial enterprises:

  • audit of the existing system of management accounting;
  • development of recommendations on optimization of management accounting;
  • development of key figures of management accounting;
  • development of patterns of primary accounting documents;
  • development of methods of effective use of equipment accounting;
  • formation of regulations for management accounting company.

Development and implementation of reporting of management accounting of industrial assets:

  • survey of existing management reporting system;
  • development of recommendations for optimization;
  • development of patterns of management reports;
  • formation of methods of calculating of key figures of management reporting

System of personnel motivation.

An integral part of an effective management system is successfully operating the дsystem of personnel motivation.

Motivated staff – is a guarantee of success work and translational motion of the organization towards implementation of its strategy and strengthen its position in the market.

Drawing up a system of incentives to encourage each individual employee to work with the greatest impact is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks of the manager.

Our service

Optimization of the system of motivation and remuneration of staff of industrial enterprises:

  • survey of existing systems of motivation and remuneration;
  • development of recommendations to select of optimal approaches for incentive system (piecework, piecework & bonus, time-bonus, payment by results of labor, profit sharing, etc.););
  • selection of optimal parameters of stimulation of work (individual and group) and the development of methods for calculation;
  • formation of motivation systems in accordance with the substantive and process theories of motivation;
  • development of provisions of motivation and incentives;
  • development of regulations for the collection and calculation of indicators of motivation and incentives of labor.

Production consulting.

Lean production is a philosophy based on the idea of continuous improvement, allowing to eliminate activities which do not create additional value - especially on their own manufacturing facilities, and eventually at the enterprises of the main suppliers.

Lean production allows to , better, while using fewer resources, in less space, with less hardware with less human effort, less time.

Consulting Lean Production

Our service

Development and implementation of lean production on the enterprise:

  • audit of the existing production system of the enterprise;
  • development of recommendations to improve the production system of industrial enterprise;
  • mapping of the production flows;
  • development and implementation of continuous improvement;
  • development of recommendations for the formation of a "perfect flow" production.

Production planning.

Production planning allows:

  • to improve forecast accuracy;
  • to increase the speed of response for changes in demand/li>
  • to reduce production costs;
  • to improve the effectiveness of plant (site);
  • to reduce the duration of the production cycle.

Our service:

Optimization of production planning system of industrial enterprises:

  • survey of existing production planning system;
  • development of recommendations to optimize of production planning system at all levels (long-term, medium-term, short-term);
  • development of the end-to-end production planning (from long-term to short-term);
  • development of techniques and the introduction of shift-day planning;
  • optimization of production scheduling system;
  • development of regulations for the planning and scheduling of production.
Development of order-to-order production planning system of industrial enterprises:
  • formation of an optimal system of order-to order production planning;
  • development and organization of tracking the progress of orders;
  • development of regulations on management of production orders.

Inventories managing.

Optimization of the process of inventory management one of the most important tools for improving the efficiency of all aspects of commercial and industrial activities of the company.
The correct amount of reserves would allow reduction in the following expenses:

  • storage costs;
  • development costs of new products;
  • costs associated with the placement of orders;
  • losses due to the lack of reserves.

Inventory management system forms the organizational structure and determines the current policy to ensure the maintenance of a stock of products and effective management.

Our service

Optimization of the management system of inventories of industrial enterprises:

  • survey of the existing management system of stocks and material orders ;
  • development of techniques for valuation of inventories;
  • development of recommendations for optimizing the management system of inventories
  • formation and implementation of regulations on management of inventories;
  • development of management system of reports to manage inventory.

Maintenance and repairs management.

The effectiveness of the management system for maintenance and repair (M & R) is a major problem for most enterprises.

Our service is to build the system M & R defined by philosophy based on its impact on the life cycle of the equipment, industrial safety, ensuring reliable operation and as a result - the creation of value of the company.

Cost-oriented maintenance (COM) connects the traditional views on the maintenance and management concept based on economic value added. It represents a quantitative model of management in which the contribution of maintenance in the creation of value in the company becomes visible.

COM also helps companies to implement the most effective organization of M & R, i.e. to use the best practices of leading companies, industry benchmarks and opportunities of computerized systems of asset management of businesses.

Our service

Audit and creation an effective system of maintenance and repairs in the enterprise:

  • audit of processes of maintenance and repairs undertaken in the organization;
  • development and implementation of the target model of management of maintenance and repair services;
  • creation of a system of maintenance and repairs in the organization.

Energy management.

How to create an energy-efficient company, the best in the industry?

How to reduce the costs of energy and other resources to be competitive in the market?

The unique experience of finding and implementing energy and resource saving initiatives to reduce energy consumption in almost any industrial plant for at least 10-20%.

Consulting Energy Managament Eng

Our service:

  • energy audit and analysis of capacity to reduce energy costs;
  • search and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives;
  • development of the system of control over consumption of energy and other resources;
  • development and implementation of an energy management system.