Engineering service

EuRuCEC and partners represents engineering service for all stages of investment projects..

Engeneering 4 types eng

Pre-investment engineering

Pre-investment engineering– concept development for industrial facilities, based on implementation of modern scientific approaches and high-end technologies.

General challenges to meet:

  • validation and decision making to pass to the invest stage of a project;
  • development of basic design package, which needed for next pre-project and project preparation of the construction.

Our service:
Plant conception development:

  • сoncept development for industrial facilities according specified criterions;
  • revelation of possible ways to placing the object, analysis and choice of the best;
  • plant structure planning;
  • development of principal decisions of technology for general object;
  • development of external and intralogistic schemes;
  • development of decisions to modernize existing objects and logistic centers;
  • resource planning for plant, including working resources.

Prefeasibility and feasibility engineering:

  • preparation of economic feasibility, technical and economic estimates of analysis of effectiveness of implementation of object (modernizing).

Contracting engineering

Contract strategy needed to realize investment and construction project. Complex of agreements between project participants is depending on:

  • right understanding roles of project participants,
  • exact understanding of project works volume,
  • effective works distribution between participants.

Our service:

  • development of contract strategy;
  • preliminary review of contractors;
  • preparation and leading of tenders;
  • preparation of contracts and negotiations leading;
  • contract enforcement, work with changes and complains.

Project engineering

Project engineering – is a technology and management of development and issue of design package, preparation of construction, control over design package development and design supervision.

Our service:

  • preliminary data collecting and design brief preparation;
  • planning of works for design package development;
  • design package development for the object;
  • development of detailed design package;
  • quality control and assurance for design package;
  • implementation of methods of economical effectiveness (cost reduction) on the stage of pre-project preparation.

Construction process engineering.

Engineering in object construction management – is a management of executing of works set to build industrial facility according law and design requirements, based on best world practices.

Works package to manage an object construction - production (construction) preparation, management of construction works, management of construction quality control, management of construction supervision, management of starting-up and commissioning, management of acceptance and put into an operation for finished construction objects.

Our service:

  • management of processes to realize a project of industrial facility construction;
  • management of construction control of the quality;
  • management of construction technical control;
  • finance control providing;
  • supply management: supply planning, logistic schemes creation, suppliers inspection, supply administrative support;
  • contractor inspection;
  • risk management for industrial construction projects.