Industrial parks

EuRuCEC with MHSE develops industrial parks according to a united concept, consisting of two projects:

  •  Residents recruitment for industrial parks;
  •  Providing of qualified personnel for residents.


Project 1- Residents recruitment


  •  Russian
  •  European (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, etc.)


  •  European (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, etc.)
  •  Russian

Project 2- Providing of qualified personnel for residents

  •  Top managers
  •  Engineers
  •  Technical personnel

Way to implement a united concept of development of the industrial park

Scheme of projects eng

Our services

Project 1:

  •  Interactions with Chambers of Commerce, regions administration, industrial parks;
  •  Future residents and investors support at works with industrial parks.

Project 2:

  •  Plan formulation to develop a qualified personnel for industrial park residents taking into account its particular demands;
  •  Project accomplishment to provide qualified personnel for industrial park residents.