Staff recruiting

Currently, there is a great demand for qualified managers and specialists for industrial construction projects. Many companies are making significant efforts to find the right specialists on the labor market.
MHSE offers a new approach at the staff recruiting in the field of engineering of industrial facilities.
With the support of the founders and partners, MHSE conducts training of specialists for industrial enterprises in various sectors.

The main advantages of recruiting with EuRuCEC:

  • selection and training of the most suitable employees for your business;
  • significant savings of time and resources;
  • quality assurance of MHSE and EuRuCEC , provides solution of problems that may arise with non-compliance of recruit employees.

Our service:

  • search for candidates and CV analysis;;
  • interview with the candidates from the long list;
  • training of the selected candidates at the programs of the Moscow higher school of engineering with experts from Russia and Germany;
  • candidates training in the center of the engineering competences based on real projects;
  • experts’ support throughout the probation period.