The German Mechanical Engineering Association

The German Mechanical Engineering Association (Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau, VDMA) is one of the most important industrial unions and spans the largest European network of industrial equipment manufacturers. For the most part VDMA represents the interests of small- and medium-sized business machine builders. The quality of services rendered by VDMA is ensured by its member network which consists of more than 20,000 managers and specialists from 3,000 member companies and approximately 400 external experts.

VDMA covers all participants in the technological chain – from manufacturers and suppliers of components and equipment, system integrators and suppliers to services providers. The wide range of VDMA services is focused on the needs of member companies and includes the following areas:
  • Markets, statistics and economy;
  • Foreign business and export; 
  • Legislation, taxes and salaries;
  • Management and information systems; 
  • Marketing and customer service;
  • Electronic business and industry portals;
  • Scientific research and technical codes; 
  • Education and employment; 
  • Technologies and environment.
VDMA unites managers, directors, department heads and engineering industry specialists, and offers an ideal platform for all of its members to interact. Competitors, customers, suppliers and partners can get acquainted with each other, share experiences, raise and discuss many burning issues of interest, as well as conduct cooperative work.